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Homeopathy is a gentle, holistic system of healing, suitable for all ages, from newborns, infants and babies, expecting mothers, and generally the young and old. Homeopathy is called an holistic approach because it is a medical system teaching that the whole patient must be taken into consideration to effectively treat him/her for whatever he/she may be suffering from. It is a natural healing process, providing remedies to assist the patient to regain positive health by stimulating the body’s own natural forces of recovery.
In its current form, homeopathy is based on three principles, which are:

  • A medicine that in large doses produces the symptoms of the disease will, in small doses, cure that disease.
  • By extreme dilution, the medicine’s curative properties are enhanced and all the poisonous or undesirable side effects are lost.
  • Homeopathic medicines are prescribed individually by the study of the whole person, according to basic temperament and responses.




My passion is to understand your health issues, diagnose the underlying cause, and provide you with a solution to help remove and alleviate your suffering.

Diagnosis is the most important phase of your treatment so it is always best to devote quality time and understanding to each aspect of your condition.

Atiq Ahmad Bhatti is a 4th generation Homeopathic Practitioner and is a descendant of a family which has been practicing the art and medical science of Homeopathic and Biochemic medicine for over 80 years.

The family has a background in herbal medicine that dates back to over 6 centuries.

Atiq is passionately committed to providing treatment of a high standard equal to the best Homeopaths in the world.

Helping you take control of your health, Atiq’s treatment protocols comprise of straightforward health plans that include the unique Bio Resonance DNA Tests, specific and tailored Homeopathic remedies alongside nutritional advice and wellbeing advice.

The aim and objective is to help restore your wellbeing in the most effective, safe and convenient way.


Homeopathy is an established complementary system of medicine that promotes healing by stimulating the body own self defence mechanism. It restores perfect balance and provides complementary therapy during the toughest of diseases.

Bio Resonance Tests

Biochemic Salts

Cellular Health

Child Health

Digestion Health

Female Health

Fertility Health

Food Allergy Tests

Handmade Healing Creams

Joint Pains And Mobility Health

Kidney Health

Male Health

Mental Health Care


Minerals Sprays


Spending quality time with my patients is the most important aspect of my profession.

I am committed to restoring your health and provide ample homeopathic solutions that can help you in a variety of ways and bring you wellbeing.

In order to ensure the quality of my work is maintained, I use the following 3 key steps:

  • Caring one-to-one approach
  • Gaining an insight in to your family medical conditions.
  • Diagnosing with care and managing post-solutions results

I see patients from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday

On either side of this times I am busy in research, preparation of medicines, and proving various online seminars relating to homeopathy.

Free Consultations

All my consultations are free. Initially it is always best to discuss your symptoms on the phone, and we can make use of various technology if we feel a video element could help me understand your symptoms better, for example skin disorders.

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More than 100 hand-made creams and ointments



If you are seriously ill or believe you have a medical condition then bio resonance testing could benefit you. A growing number of people in the UK are discovering the rewards of bioresonance therapy. There are thousands of cases where patients have become frustrated with conventional medicine and can testify to the effectiveness of the treatment and diagnosis offered by bioresonance.

Knowledge Academy

Your aura and Bio-Energy field is contained in any DNA Sample, such as blood, fluids, skin, nails or hair. Break FREE from your ailment through this non-invasive and effective system.

Knowledge Academy

Effective diagnosis of the main cause of illness.

Knowledge Academy

Full bacterial, viral and fungal scan offers insight to your health status.

Knowledge Academy

Test conducted using the latest bio resonance techniques.

Pioneers of homeopathy

These pioneers spend their lives serving humanity through homeopathy. Nearly all of them were highly qualified Medical Doctors in their respective medical fields and all of them left their medical fields to pursue Homeopathy and the homeopathic Medical System.

They were renowned physicians many of whom personally met or had contact with the founder of Homeopathy, Dr.Samuel Hahnemann.


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We also want to give you choice over such collection, use, and sharing of your personal data.

We furthermore think that providing this information and managing such settings at one single place increases transparency for you.

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